Count Whiteberg & Baron White: Improvisations For Classical Guitar

1. When You Died - Estampida '1' (anonymous 14th Century)
2. River Ratty - Andante in C (Mauro Giuliani 1781-1828)) 
3. Dog Breath - Song (Matteo Carcassi 1792-1853) 
4. Always Hated Balls - Hungarian Dance No5 (Johannes Brahms 1833 -1897)
5. In The Chair - Stars & Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa 1854-1932)
6. What Do They Think I'm About? - Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi? (anonymous 15th Century)
7. In A Jar Estampida '2' - (anonymous 14th Century)
8. With A Candle - Obsession (Guillermo Flores Mendez b.1920)

Recorded at Rock House, Bathford. 18 August 2007
Improvised song lyrics by Count Whiteberg
Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2007

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