tao te ching

blood stained soil: lyrics

end of the road for a people blind bodies growing old cancer in the mind. empty lifeless without meaning no god to bless living without feeling

enter the storm of a people unborn the terror and the scorn for the tattered and torn endless toil shall embroil this earthly spoil and the blood stained soil

trees they speak of an ancient time the wrath of sin was sublime creatures of the night on foot or in flight some brought death none helped our plight

earth it is not as it seems the universe is dying gods were lying on this planet we have no goal death to thy spirit death to thy soul

ancients condemn ruin for them fate stays loyal blood stained soil

song composed, arranged and performed by
Emmanuel Whiteberg, Ronald Gurdjieff, Pablo Ouspenski, Philip Marinetti and Maitland White
produced by Emmanuel Whiteberg and Mark White
recorded at islip london and st.edith's marsh wiltshire, mixed at st.edith's marsh
Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2000
WMACD/17/131000TTC SR22

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