tao te ching

coda: lyrics

lie in pain immersed in shame desiring fame remitting blame strayed from the path ignoring the law without conscience as god implores

want to glean and multiply passing through leaden skies embracing the cold ignoring the heat turn the feet in ill conceit

brethren behold the acts of the bold retrieving thy hoards from beckoned swords. in thy silence i doth hear thee though thy wretched lies abhor me

no thou hast no claims now i sees thy games pain follows pleasure and pleasure pain

chasms of revulsion with much disdain the yellow eyed demon sees all to maim

welcome to the season where death will reign detestable pain nothing to gain terrible sin you know you cant win

thou hast weakened my position now i perform my incision antiquated pain endured life in vain no more to attain terminate thy reign

song composed, arranged and performed by
Emmanuel Whiteberg, Ronald Gurdjieff, Pablo Ouspenski, Philip Marinetti and Maitland White
produced by Emmanuel Whiteberg and Mark White
recorded at islip london and st.edith's marsh wiltshire, mixed at st.edith's marsh
Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2000
WMACD/17/131000TTC SR22

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