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Video: heaven earth

WHITEBERG: 'Heaven Earth' video, featuring Emmanuel Whiteberg.
Video filmed and produced by dEviLe bUnNaYe iMaGeS (copyright 2002)

heaven earth: lyrics

spirit of the valley dies dead blown by flies empty screams of death coming from the rest
guts filled with bile behold satans smile in control are fiends no more human beings
mysterious female with blackout vail gives instruction for destruction
see mountains move see her goats hooves hear to tear apart our souls and hearts
dimly visible the unredeemable creatures laid to waste bought by their haste
such ignorance no tolerance playing out their wars on these sacred shores
use will never drain those mocked by fame driven fourth by hate death their only fate
million years old lives and souls are sold no one to dispel enter the gates of hell
heaven earth reveal thy worth heaven earth exhume thy birth

song composed, arranged and performed by
Emmanuel Whiteberg, Ronald Gurdjieff, Pablo Ouspenski, Philip Marinetti and Maitland White
produced by Emmanuel Whiteberg and Mark White
recorded at islip london and st.edith's marsh wiltshire, mixed at st.edith's marsh
Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2000
WMACD/17/131000TTC SR22

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