tao te ching

sacred: lyrics

sacred matters uncarved shatters you heal trestle you yield vessel

tuned page struck cord heed sage my lord not last to endear the past severe

to learn tether take turn sever fire in plight empire respite

burn hot city wall scale not kingdoms fall cleaver is gold ever to hold.

you kill you chosen no will to lose hollow you need follow he leads

song composed, arranged and performed by
Emmanuel Whiteberg, Ronald Gurdjieff, Pablo Ouspenski, Philip Marinetti and Maitland White
produced by Emmanuel Whiteberg and Mark White
recorded at islip london and st.edith's marsh wiltshire, mixed at st.edith's marsh
Copyright and Phonograph Copyright owned by
Whiteberg/Superimposition Records/Laconic Productions 2000
WMACD/17/131000TTC SR22

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